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The Sochi militia will start talking in three languages!

for pravoohranitelej prepare special phrase books that they could have a talk with foreign tourists

Idea to equip the Sochi militia pocket phrase books has arisen after the beginning of the Olympic race. Since then foreigners in Sochi has increased - the people want to look that it for a city such where can take place Games - 2014. But even if it will not occur, means in resort development is now put so many that tourists the next years for certain will increase. So, as has fairly solved the militian heads, without a foreign language pravoohraniteljam - anywhere.

it has been in the end of the last year decided to oblige guards to study English. However, for school desks they yet do not lodge. Since January in the Sochi militia without knowledge of language any more you will not be arranged. And literally one of these days there should be printing house a phrase book at once in three languages: English, German and French. In it - approximately 300 phrases and some tens words which will help to communicate with visitors from - for a cordon.

- the Kazan militiamen when it was marked 1000 - letie their cities used Similar dictionaries, - the chief tells a press - services of the Department of Internal Affairs of Sochi Alexander ERENBURG. - But we have decided to develop more universal grant.

- Prepared the dictionary even at night, - tells Nonna KARDAVA, and. An island of the chief of the centre on additional education of Sochi. - Tried to make accessible, therefore a pronunciation of words have written Russian letters.

By the way, at first it was planned that will distribute a phrase book only to militia. But have then solved, as it will not prevent other inhabitants of Sochi. First of all that who is occupied in serving sphere, - to workers of shops, restaurants, hotels, drugstores, the airport and etc. So the dictionary has thoroughly replenished at the expense of their lexicon, and on arms the militia will have phrases for all occasions. For example, Sochi pravoohranitel now can tell to foreigners not only: Companions! You break a public order! I ask to stop! or later, in the street it is impossible to sing time loudly . But also There is no toilet paper, bring one more roll, please .

However, pravoohraniteli for phrase books hope, but also technics novelties do not scorn. They have decided to get at own expense cellular telephones - communicators. You type on the screen Russian phrase, and it is there and then translated to the foreign. There is such piece about 15 000 roubles. And for those who cannot buy it, promise to give out priborchik easier - the electronic translator in cost in one hundred dollars.


What else phrases were included into the pocket dictionary

For easy conversation with the foreigner about sports:

Words: a suit of the mountain skier, a rifle, brakes, the handle for dispersal, a helmet, starting shoes, the equipment, a trajectory, landing.

For household dialogue:

So, are assured, our militia can find common language with any foreigner.