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The avalanche has carried away lives of a two krasnodartsev

Destiny of student Tatyana Dolgopolovoj till yesterday remained the unknown person

All days off in Kabardino - Balkarii proceeded poiskovo - a rescue operation. Searched for our fellow countrymen - climbers from Krasnodar. On February, 9th around pass Mestia, on border of Russia and Georgia, at height about 3800 metres the avalanche has blocked to group of 14 persons a way. 11 persons almost have been evacuated at once in base camp Adyr - the Sou. And three young men have appeared in a captivity of snow drift.

the First terrible news has come on Saturday. Fighters of the Ministry of Emergency Measures have found Victor Gonenko`s breathless corpse, 1985 year of birth under drift. Victor was the post-graduate student biofaka the Kuban state technological university, was engaged on preliminary courses of the Higher school of management, was fond of sports. Very much loved mounts, on its bill not one subdued top. Therefore when the young man has learnt that the regional federation of sports tourism will organise a trip to Prielbruse, without reflecting, has asked for group structure.

- Unless someone could think that Victor home will not return, - companions of the guy on youth movement " speak today; Ours in which it consisted. - last year it has opened the school of the young tourist.

And yesterday in the morning rescuers have taken from - under snow 33 - summer Grigory Martirosjana.

- In the group which has got to a misfortune, was six our students - the first-year students trained on a speciality sports tourism and one teacher, - has told to us Alexey TARASENKO, the pro-rector on study of the Kuban state university of physical culture, sports and tourism. - an event - not that other, as accident after which many of us cannot come to the senses. I can tell that all safety measures have been provided. The most experienced instructor, the master of sports in tourism Leonid Dolgopolov who, by the way, took with itself the daughter Tatyana - too our student conducted children.

Tanja was that third member of the group who have appeared under drift. Till yesterday about destiny of the girl it was not known anything.

- Around salvage operations is more than 70 searchers from all Southern federal district, - Boris TILOV, the chief Elbrus poiskovo - a life-saving service of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation has commented on a situation. - in gorge cynologists also work. Chances are, because in avalanches survive on neskolku days.