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In Kabardino - Balkarii are finished searches of the Krasnodar tourists

Rescuers have found last climber who has gone under snow blockages

the Eighteen-year student of the Kuban state university of physical culture, sports and tourism Tatyana Dolgopolov who together with two companions has got under an avalanche, rescuers have found yesterday. We will remind that on February, 9th around pass Mestia, on border of Russia and Georgia, at height of 3800 metres the avalanche has blocked to group of 14 persons a way. 11 persons have been evacuated at once in base camp Adyr - the Sou. And three young men have appeared in a captivity of snow drift. The first terrible news has come on Saturday. Then under blockages have found a breathless corpse 22 - summer Victor Gonenko. And on Sunday morning rescuers have taken from - under snow 33 - summer Grigory Martirosjana. For Tatyana Dolgopolov long could not find. Rescuers and relatives of the gone girl to the last did not lose hope to find its live. But on Monday at 12:30 fighters of the Ministry of Emergency Measures have found a breathless corpse of the girl under drift.

To that terrible trip of Tanja has gone together with the father, the skilled instructor, the master of sports on tourism by Leonid Dolgopolov. It actually also supervised over group of climbers. Now the father of the lost student is in Nalchik. There have brought a body of the girl for examination.

Other climbers who evacuated at once in base camp, already in Krasnodar.

- Our children have arrived on Monday night, - Vladimir Minchenko, the rector of the Kuban state university of physical culture, sports and tourism has told. - in the morning I have met them. Children in shock from the happened. Many live in a hostel, but we have sent them home to parents that they have come to the senses. Under an avalanche our teacher, Grigory Martirosjan has got also. Him will bury in Kropotkine. There there live all its relatives.