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At least intellectual level of militia we will raise!

in a note the Sochi militia will start talking in three languages (look number for February, 9th and on a site www. kuban.) We wrote that pravoohranitelej a resort city will arm with phrase books that they could communicate with foreign tourists. Here that our readers think about it.

Evgenie Krohmal, the inhabitant of Sochi:
- Well similar dictionaries to write and for the Sochi doctors, especially for what work on First aid . It will help to rescue health of many foreigners.

Evgenie Aleksandrovna, the businessman:
- In an ideal the police officer is obliged to know languages, especially in a resort city. Once my friends from Germany have lost the way in Sochi, and to ask road it has appeared there is nobody.

Phillip Romanov, Krasnodar:
- And why phrase books only in English, French and German? Chineses, for example, in Sochi year from a year more and more.

Michael, the student:
- Well if the Olympic Games to themselves also we will not catch then intellectual level of militia we will raise!