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From Kuban Andrey Dikan leaves?

Say that the well-known football player is going to finish career from - for a serious illness

From Kuban which has given temporary a silence vow sensational messages, and recently with an enviable regularity nevertheless filter. After the information on possible returning of attacking Shamilja Asildarova there were even more shocking news. The captain it is yellow - green goalkeeper Andrey Dikan will not play any more for Kuban . From - for serious diseases the football player has decided to finish career.

- Andrey Dikan really was unwell, - have told to us in Kuban . - But it is not so serious to speak about career end. He now receives medical treatment, which will end in three weeks. After that Andrey will start trainings. But, probably, the management of club will make the decision on acquisition of the new goalkeeper for secure. A season long, and always it is necessary to have a spare variant.

- Speak, the contract with the second goalkeeper - the goalkeeper of Moscow CSKA Vladimir Gabulovym - is already concluded.

is not so. For Gabulovym and more several players we conduct careful supervision, but to speak about signing of contracts while early.