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Let`s relieve Krasnodar of turns

Stuffy corridors, crowds to the people, short reception hours: raps, tax, social services, polyclinics … Having defended turns here, we with relief sigh and we promise not to come back any more here without emergency.

you on a sign have an establishment, where turns - the habitual phenomenon? You know how to solve a problem?

call by us to phone: (861 210 - 98 - 59, write: sabina@kpkuban. net or leave a response on a site, having filled the text by means of the following form:

Thanks! The information is sent!

“;} ;?>

1. Where? * (the name, the establishment address)

2. What is created? *

3. In what the crowd reason? *

6. How, in your opinion, it is possible to solve a problem?

7. Your name:

8. E - a mail, phone:

the Asterisk (*) marks fields, obligatory for filling.