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Subscriptions on matches Kuban not to get

Turn at stadium cash desks reaches hundreds persons

Yesterday football fans have torn off edition phones. Complained what to buy the annual subscription on all matches Kuban and them began to give out couple of days ago, it is almost impossible. In stadium cash desks one window, and the people works only, which gathers from all city to reserve to itself a place better, gets to huge turn.

- gathers to hundred fans in the Morning, - have told to us in cash desks. - but to serve such quantity of people we is simple not in forces.

And after all the club management said time and again that will return in every way fans on stadium.

- At us only one device for delivery of subscriptions, - have told to us in a press - service Kuban . - Procedure of reception of a card not fast, is the technological process demanding time. Even if we will open ten windows, will change nothing. Do not worry, prior to the beginning of a season we will give out subscriptions to all interested persons. And it is not obligatory to go to cash desks right now. It is possible to call in our sales department, about all to agree and come to day convenient for you.


(861 211 - 50 - 77 - for giving of collective demands for acquisition of subscriptions, and also for demands in Family sector .

(8918 399 - 99 - 95 - by this phone it is possible to receive the help information, the manager under the booking program - Evgenie KOLESNIKOV.

the Crowd of fans at treasured windows thins only by the evening. Tatyana`s ZUBKOVOJ photo