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The reader, help the reader

Our heading has appeared more recently, and desperate letters in which people ask the help for the kids, already it is a lot of. Expensive our readers, we want to pass words of gratitude from all whom you have already supported. We know that much tragedies in another`s families are not indifferent. The parents who have written to us of seriously ill patients of children also hope for kindness and responsiveness of such people.

Our address: 350020, Krasnodar, and/ I 5163, a heading the Reader, help the reader . Write also on the e-mail address: sabina@kpkuban. net

In the four years Andrjusha tells some words.

Andrjushe is necessary treatment in Moscow

At the four-year kid the terrible diagnosis - DTSP and an epilepsy

Four years ago in our family the second child, a sonny of Andrjusha was born, - our reader Tatyana writes to us, - for the sixth days we were at home, and all was good until have gone to the neuropathologist. It has made the terrible diagnosis - DTSP. To Andrey have appointed treatment: massage, pricks, tablets. When to the kid half a year was executed, we have gone to Krasnodar, in the children`s diagnostic centre - there the diagnosis has proved to be true.

Then Andrjushenke have given physical inability. And in May, 2005 at the kid strong attacks of an epilepsy have begun. There are they on 5 - 6 times a day. Called " earlier; Fast to remove attacks, and now pricks I do itself.

on February, 21st, 2007 to our sun 4 years will be executed, and he does not talk, knows only two words - the father and the woman till now sucks a dummy, does not go... Two years Andrjusha accepts the strongest medicines, but improvements are not present any! Doctors say that DTSP it is possible to cure, but the epilepsy disturbs.

Help us can only in Moscow. Unfortunately, the income of our family - 6000 roubles, hardly suffices this money on life and medicines.

Please, help my child!

Our phone: (250 4 - 14 - 67

Tatyana, Abinsk .

Parents Vicks and Jarika hope for rescue of the son and a daughter

Both their children seriously ill

To be converted into edition Elena Tolpygo the desperate situation has urged. At it seriously ill two kids. To the senior, Yaroslav, at the age of two years have diagnosed a kidney cancer . Now to the kid four years, and one kidney to it have already removed.

- In the end of the last year to the child have appointed a chemotherapy course, - Elena has told to us. - now long treatment is necessary to my kid.

But as it usually happens, misfortunes never come alone. More recently doctors have found out in Yaroslav Victoria`s one-year-old sister absolute deafness. At it relative deafness 4 - j degrees, and it means that the babe will not learn to speak, at least, until it will not have a hearing aid.

Parents Vicks and Jarika struggle for the children in every way, on them one credit is issued not. All money leaves on treatment and rehabilitation of crumbs, but, unfortunately, it is not enough these means. Now in a family very heavy financial position.

Small Vick hearing aids which stand about 40 000 roubles are urgently necessary. Money, apparently, small, but will not give one more credit to parents, and more them there is no place to take. Probably, it will be possible to receive hearing aids on a line sotsstraha, but it will not solve all problems. Vikule operation in Moscow is necessary, to Yaroslav - a long course of chemotherapy.

If you have a possibility, please, help kids.


Where it is possible to transfer money:

the Krasnodar branch AKB IBRD (Open Society)
350002, Krasnodar, street Northern, 385/ 1
To/ With 30101810300000000541
an INN 7702045051
BIK 040349541
a check point 231002001
the Addressee: Tolpygo Elena Valerevna
bill 40817810900080000008
the Payment function: replenishment of persons. Bills 40817810900080001353
for Victoria and Yaroslav.
phone 8 - 918 - 461 - 73 - 81.


To our heroes about whom we have told last time, the help also is still necessary. Therefore today we briefly will remind and of them.

Sostojanie Danika gradually improves.

Invalid Danju doctors have made?

On the next planned survey the neuropathologist has appointed to the boy calming preparations. From this point on life of Danki and his parents was divided on to and after . Medicines have strange affected on health of the kid. Some days he did not drink, did not eat, did not sleep. fast visors of the child in hospital. Here during treatment it was stifled by a medicine, and to an initial status the diagnosis " has increased; the got pneumonia . Pricks, droppers only aggravated a status. The diagnosis which in due course have put to this cheerful kid, - DTSP. The child passes a course of regenerative therapy is an acupuncture, massage, osteopatija, travolechenie. Now the unique supporter in a family - the father, unfortunately, catastrophically does not suffice money. The family lives in misery and very much needs the help.

Phone of mum Danika Irmy: 8 - 908 - 670 - 00 - 86.

Now the little boy promptly develops.

Igorku is required rehabilitation

Only at two-year age from this kid there was a present mum. It has spent the first years of life in narkomanskom a brothel with which its native mother has arranged. Unfortunately, this time has not passed for the child completely, at it congenital illnesses have developed. The bilateral purulent pneumonia from which Igor was born, has left serious damages on lungs. To the child did not do an inoculation, elementary investigations were not carried.

Now the tubercular stick is found out in Igor, the stomach and intestines practically do not work for the boy. The child has not been accustomed to various meal, therefore at it the enzymes necessary for digestion of very many products are not developed. Krohe serious treatment, therefore as, except all listed, at it a chronic anaemia, a hepatitis With, displazija, problems with a backbone is necessary.

Adoptive parents of Igorka were frightened by numerous diagnoses of the child, thanks to loving people the kid promptly develops. But, unfortunately, the majority of necessary procedures and medicines are very expensive. If you have a possibility, help these remarkable people.

Phone of mum Igorka Liny: 8 - 918 - 349 - 72 - 30.