Rus News Journal

Unless it is possible to draw on monuments?

- my almost two-metre son - the student has failed one month ago in a hole at the corner of streets Gymnasia and Communards. In administration of the Central district have promised a hole to fall asleep. What, we wait for serious incident with crises and judicial claims?
the indignant parent

- People. Yes, graffiti are an art! But unless it is possible to draw on monuments?

- I Suggest to return on streets polivomoechnye cars, and that is very dirty and is dusty.

- First aid have not paid the grant for January. Than we are worse than polyclinics which all have received in time?
the Worker fast

- I Read: Basques has performed ITSELF operation to grow thin for 20 kg . It that, the surgeon?!
the Attentive reader

- Surprises a lawlessness on a parking at the Vishnjakovsky market! The prices astronomical.
the tax bearer

- has arrived Yesterday from Arkhangelsk. There - a minus 20, in Krasnodar - plus 16 and any snowflake.
STUNNED by contrast

- In the fifth children`s polyclinic of Krasnodar again force to fill leaves of happiness in the presence of medical workers. Where the promised anonymity?