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novorossijtsy played love directly in the street

On Wednesday, in Day sacred Valentine, in Novorossisk lonely hearts searched each other. On Pushkin`s area have established a board on which interested persons could write love announcements. Organizers of the action Love. ru did not assume that the invention so will be pleasant to the people. At a board the huge crowd was going wishing to leave the co-ordinates. And it were not only 15 - summer persons, but also that to whom it is far for sixty.

At some all grew together directly on a place. 21 - summer Edgar has already started to write the name when has seen near to itself 22 - summer Kvarasu on a board. Young men with beautiful Greek names, both radical novorossijtsy, have got to talking and have understood that are created for each other.

- two hours, and such impression that I know its all life Are familiar, - Edgar admits.

- It is a pity only that Edgar is more younger me, - Kvarasa sighs.

- Nonsense, you the best! - The guy calms the girl.

- had a rest in the Wide Beam Last summer and has got acquainted with Oksana from Novorossisk, - has told to us 32 - summer Paul. - and then it was necessary to leave unexpectedly. At all did not take at favourite phone! On this action has arrived from Krasnodar. It is my last chance! I believe, Oksanka will see my note and will necessarily call.

Soon on a board any more there was no place for announcements. But all interested person have suggested to throw valentinki in special boxes. Organizers there and then called up to participants and acquainted them with each other. Someone, having seen the passion picked up in absentia, delicately retired. But there were many pairs which have tested the big sympathy to each other. We hope that all at them will turn out.