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On Kuban have defeated a bird flu

In Labinsk and Primorsko - Ahtarsky areas of edge quarantine was already cancelled

Till yesterday by three settlements of Kuban were under a steadfast look of regional health officers. We will remind, one month ago a bird flu have found out at once in two areas - Primorsko - Ahtarsky and Labinsk (- Kuban from January, 31st, 2007). The message about an infection has alarmed all country. All forces have been thrown on that the infection has not fallen outside the limits edge.

- Now dangers are not present more, - have informed us in a press - service of regional Rospotrebnadzora. - From the next Tuesday quarantine will be removed from all three settlements, where before gibli from a virus of a bird. And here integrated poultry farms while and will work in the closed mode.

Local authorities cannot naradovatsja to such news.

- At us in a village remove all restrictions with 20 - go numbers, - has told to the correspondent The head of the Borodino settlement Primorsko - Ahtarsky area Anatoly CHIGRIN . - Will clean dezbarer which was on departure from Borodino. On it checked all who happened in a village earlier. If it is fair, we are very glad that remove quarantine. But just in case import and export of a bird all - taki we will not resolve. Let it is better than chickens in the closed mode grow up. And that after all now the bird of passage will go. A leah a little that can happen.

Meanwhile krasnodartsy pleasures of peasants do not divide. See danger and in a lame pigeon, and in killed a raven. A leah they have picked up the bird`s flu?

- Phones of our management break from calls literally, - the chief protivoepizoologicheskogo group city vetupravlenija has told Murad MURADJAN. - One of these days we had a call in May Day park where have found two dead raven. People have taken alarm, afraid that those have picked up a bird flu. And recently in park of a name Bitter the guy on a broader scale half an hour guarded a wounded pigeon, waited for us. As it has appeared, the bird was only brought down by the car. I can calm townspeople: it is not necessary so to panic, pigeons and ravens are not hazardous to health of the person. The matter is that cases of disease a bird flu at city feathery at us yet was not and hardly will be.