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In Novorossisk a vessel with 1500 thousand tons diztopliva the village on a bank

was possible to avoid Ecological accident

on February, 17th about 22 hours per Novorossisk of villages on a bank the bunker prometej . There was a state of emergency in the Tsemessky bay.

the Filled 1500 tons diztopliva the vessel chose anchor parking. But then for any reason there was a failure. On one of versions, it is guilty in an event gusty severo - east wind.

Anyway, to a scene towing vessels have there and then gone. Here only works on rescue prometeja from - for the storm warning declared in Novorossisk, have considerably become complicated. It has called trouble of townspeople - after all if the fuel has spread, the burst ecological accident could put irreparable harm of water area of the Tsemessky bay.

- We have thrown all forces on failure liquidation, - have assured us of Portnadzore of Novorossisk, - works, " till now are conducted; prometej on the sly pull down to coast. Dangers of flood diztopliva are not present.