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Seleznev`s street leaves under the earth

Under asphalt there are failures

In edition - Kuban with the angry letter tenants of the house 144 along the street Seleznev with the request were converted to help them with the decision of their problem. Here some months they cannot achieve failure repair under asphalt. Where only were not converted! But everywhere ask to wait, as this difficult the question is on studying of experts.

the Hole in asphalt opposite to the first entrance has appeared several months ago. In appearance like small such, but it is on closer examination found out that its depth reaches one and a half metres, and diameter at the basis - more than two. Careful tenants have thrust in it sticks that the casual passer-by has not failed suddenly under the earth and has not broken to itself an extremity, and wait, when somebody will respond to their request for the help.

- For three months the hole has increased in volume, - Vyacheslav Kulkov, the tenant of an ill-starred entrance speaks, - of it have already made a garbage dump, and now in a heat sometimes such stench is carried after district, it is impossible what to breathe.

Near to a hole there is a children`s playground, and is not excluded that any kid during game can fail in it.

About this problem in the RAP - 2 behind which is registered 144 - j the house, heard, and all complaints have passed in service ZHilzakazchik . There the question on when hole out repairs will be carried should be solved.

- the settled ground became the Reason of occurrence of a failure under asphalt, - Nikolay Karachenets, the chief engineer of the RAP has told to us. - there was it from - for infringements of technology of building.

And At this time

Now in a city the municipal program " is realised; Court yard of Krasnodar . On each court yard of the regional centre the plan where all lacks which will be eliminated in the near future are specified is made. the deep failure representing danger to tenants did not remain not noticed and there is at the fifth number in the list of problems of the house number 144 along the street Seleznev.