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Domogarov the Actor has implored for a pardon at Aleksandrovoj in Novorossisk

is going to offer Marina a hand and heart

shootings of final series of a popular television movie Are finished. We will remind that its basic part acted in film in the autumn of last year in Novorossisk and Gelendzhik. One of the central roles, the leader of a local mafia, has got to Evgenie Kushpelju, the art director of Novorossisk folk theatre of a name of Amerbekjana. One of these days Evgenie Leonidovich has returned from Moscow. Here, on a plan of the director of a serial of Oleg Shtroma, pravoohraniteli knitted it at the Riga station.

- the field investigator whom Daniel Perov has played Detained me. Already former inspector on especially important issues of the State Office of Public Prosecutor Turkish observed of an event from outside. Have in total made 12 doubles. And me put on present mentovskie handcuffs though more often at cinema use plastic, that at actors not lomilo hands. After shootings on me the live place was not (Kushpel shows on wrists bruises from bracelets ) . Knees have been erased to meat. But all has turned out is very realistic.

Evgenie Kushpel acted in film in a serial with Domogarovym: - Sasha does not tell about the feelings even to friends. Probably, is afraid to maleficiate.

According to our fellow countryman, Alexander Domogarov who played already retired inspector on especially important issues of the State Office of Public Prosecutor, found each free minute, that povorkovat on cellular with the bride Marina Aleksandrovoj. All film crew has noticed that Domogarov looks tired, but very happy and pacified. By the way, reconciliation of the actor with Aleksandrovoj has taken place during shootings Turkish in Novorossisk. It very much missed without favourite and did not react in any way to attention of fans. And then has not sustained also itself has called Marina. Has asked for it pardons and has begged her to return.

usually reserved Domogarov has casually told to the colleagues that plans to make to Marina the proposal.

- We are fine, - Alexander by phone to the correspondent has told. - I love Marina. And further, I think, it will be even better.