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Tamara Sandroeva for the sake of Minutes of glory has lifted to Oka

Yesterday in Krasnodar selected talents in new show on the First

to Become the film star many want kubantsy! And differently what for it was to aspire on a casting in teleshow of the First channel Minute of glory - yesterday it has passed in one of clubs of Krasnodar. Who here only was not - acrobats, singers, dancers, athletes...

Has arrived and 29 - summer Tamara Sandroeva about whom more than once wrote. The woman as fuzzes, drags cars teeth!

- I wanted to show, on what is capable, yes here a misfortune, in a club court yard there was no car, - Tamara complains. - me have asked to leave a video cassette where I drag at once two cars and I keep on myself by means of boards to Oka also have told that will call back. But I have not had time to reach to station - a call. Come back! - has cried out a voice in a tube. - You are necessary to us . It appears, in this time representatives of the First channel had time to look at record. Oerteshniki were delighted! Such they yet did not see.

- you - the best number which we will carry to Moscow from Kuban, - were not kept in the selection commission of the First.

to Tamara promised to inform over the weekend when it precisely to leave in capital on program shootings.

- And we already went on a casting to Moscow, to us have told that we have passed, - admits Galina Gruzina, mum 12 - summer Natasha, the future well-known circus actor. - but we have decided that to us will not prevent also at us in Krasnodar it to pass. Our casting differs, of course, from the capital. There people of thousand. Selection - the most severe. Singers, reciters of verses at once sent back home. Just - that not ordinary demanded! Certainly, there were such participants who was indignant and demanded the book of complaints. But - show is show. And our Natasha - the acrobat. Dreams to work in circus in France. I train and put to it numbers.

- She at me also at school has time to study without attending lectures - its coevals only in the sixth, and it already in the tenth class, - continues Galina Gruzina. - on a casting in Moscow to us have told that at us very professional number. Promised to call.

Natasha has thought up, where also money to spend, - on training and on a gift to parents.

On the Krasnodar casting allowed to sing and dance.

- We very much liked one man, he fine danced step, apparently, with it were going to communicate, - Olga Rasulova, the soloist of the Krasnodar group " speaks; Blondes . - And here to us have suggested to participate in the seventh to Factory of stars - on a casting we sang and danced. Well, too it is quite good. We after all also knew that for Minutes of glory something was necessary well very not ordinary...