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Paragraph 78

Paragraph 78

the Director - Michael Hleborodov
In roles: Gosha Kutsenko, Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Grigory Sijatvinda

In the near future the special purpose command receives the new important task which becomes for the members of spetsnaz who have for a long time already departed from affairs unique possibility again to see the former co-workers on dangerous missions. They and were not accustomed to name each other on names, it where is closer got accustomed when - that on service operative pseudonyms, but time and experience change even those professionals that all life have got used to submit to the firm and indisputable Paragraph. And on superconfidential rocket base where results the command the highest order, they should face face to face not only external danger, but also with each other...

the Servant gosudarev

the Director - Oleg Rjaskov
In roles: Alexey Chadov, Alexander Buharov, Xenia Knyazev

1709. Europe is torn apart by internal wars. France the growing old Louis XIV still corrects, and exploits of musketeers are not forgotten yet. In Versailles two French noblemen, having quarrelled from - for gambling, break an existing interdiction for duels and appear between prison and an executioner`s block of the executioner. Favour of the king execution is replaced by the link on advantage of the state .

One of them should go on service to a court yard of Russian tsar Peter the Great, another - to a court yard of Swedish king Charles XII to spy in favour of France. It having appeared on the different parties of front, Frenchmen become witnesses of grandiose fight near Poltava. Court lady`s men and thoughtless Versailles mollycoddles get to the present meat grinder...

the Birth of the Christ

the Director - Ketrin Hardvik
In roles: Shohri Agdashlu, Teeming with Kasl - Hughes, Alexander Sidding

the Epic narration about an uneasy course of life of Virgin Maria and Joseph, since their exile from Nazareth and finishing arrival in Bethlehem where, as it is known, Jesus also should be born. On this travel full of a hardship on durability their love and the validity of belief time and again are checked.