Rus News Journal

In Anapa has burnt down the sanatorium case Dee the Beam

to extinguish fire, firemen had to break window lattices

In an hour till midnight on the unknown person while to the reason the second floor of two-storeyed construction that on Lenin, 4 has lighted up. This building belongs to sanatorium Dee the Beam .

the Part of premises, basically on the second floor, the health resort leases various anapskim to firms and the organisations. And on the ground floor settles in class numbers a suite the lodgers. The strange neighbourhood speaks very simply: the building is located at the corner of two streets that is why employees are not crossed with having a rest which restore the health in sanatorium.

We have called in health resort administration to find out that there was also a leah there are victims.

- That for delirium you bear? - The unknown woman has angrily told in a tube. - Small kindling really happens in a building of the former territorial advice along the street Lenin. But nobody has suffered. Everything, do not prevent to work!

At what here the former advice, remains not clear. As it is known, in sanatorium structure Dee the Beam enter the polyclinic case, medical - the diagnostic centre, seven inhabited cases, winter pool. All it is scattered on the next streets of Anapa. The burnt down building employees among themselves name the fifth case .

- the Fire was strong, the third degree of complexity, - Lyudmila Burnajkina has told to us the chief of the Center of fire-prevention security and public relations anapskih firemen. - Dvuhetazhka, by the way, 1958 of construction, remained without a roof and a penthouse. It is good that was not so late and very few people from having a rest slept. Therefore in time have paid attention to a smell of burning, have called the person on duty, have called our divisions. People have quickly deduced on street. Our children had to cut lattices at ground floor windows to submit water. Fire extinguishing has become complicated also that in a water building was not.

- some organisations There took place, - Lyudmila Ivanovna speaks, - but on - chelovecheski the social insurance fund is a pity. Have called its employees. They have there and then arrived and, despite a flame, on a crash of burning beams, began to take out computers, documents.

the Most important thing, in a fire nobody has suffered. The people living in a building, have settled on other cases Dee of the Beam .

the Cause of the fire is now found out. One of versions - short circuit in conducting of this shabby structure.