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In Maikop under the failed wall the teenager

16 was lost - summer Dima Gruzdev assorted it on the instructions of a management of the school

the Tragedy which has occurred one of these days in Maikop, literally all townsmen now discuss. Under the failed wall of the thrown old building was lost 16 - the summer guy. Lazal the teenager in this dangerous place not by the nonsense - Dimu Gruzdev and more desjateryh the same boys there was sent by heads spetsuchilishcha in which they were on compulsory education. That day work rulil the deputy director of school on educational work.

- We assorted bricks, cleared them of an old solution and put, - the pupil Maikop has told to us SpetsPu Sasha Borisov. - the wall has been a little inclined. About three hours the crash was distributed, Malhaz Evlanovich has shouted to us: Run up! . We also have run, and Dima has simply stumbled about a stone and has fallen. It at once has covered with wall fragments. And more to one boy has pressed down feet. Someone has run to call fast . When a blockage have disassembled, Dima was dead...

Dima Gruzdev from Nizhni Novgorod was in school the third year. Has got to this closed educational institution for minors for theft.

- Dimka should be released this summer, - Arthur ATALIKOV sighs. - And on a broader scale all children and tutors were in shock. Many cried

- We have established that children worked under instructions of the director of school, - the public prosecutor of Maikop Andrey FATIN has told to us. - To it acquaintances were converted and have asked to allocate children: bricks were necessary for construction of the private house for someone. For a piece to boys have promised to pay on 50 copecks.

- Certainly, pupils have employed illegally. I personally regard this case as slave labour use, - the public prosecutor continues. - minors simply maintained.

- We prepare experts in building specialities, - Wilhelm VOLOSHCHUK explains the deputy director on comprehensive school. - Therefore when us have asked about the help, the director has agreed. For us after all the most important thing that children though in any degree got practice.

But, of course, nobody could provide accident...

In Nizhni Novgorod Dimu will be buried by the grandmother - the teenager was the round orphan.

On the given fact criminal case under item 286 ch is brought. 3 criminal codes of Russian Federation the Excess of the powers of office which have entailed heavy consequences . On it guilty shines till 10 years of imprisonment.

Now the director of school is in a pre-trial detention centre of Maikop.

the Office of Public Prosecutor finds out also other facts of attraction of pupils to illegal work.