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Sensational case of doctors in Krasnodar:
Sleepyhead Kulivets is directed on rehabilitation to Moscow

by Parents with the babe have taken off for capital today the first flight

To history of this girl remained nobody indifferent. Sonechka Kulivets has got to New Year`s feasts in hospital with a whooping cough, but from - for a negligence of doctors krohe it was necessary to amputate a right hand.

This morning the first flight the Sleepyhead with mum and the father have taken off for Moscow. They should pass inspection in the Russian children`s clinical hospital.

- We have consulted to doctors, - Victor KULIVETS, the father of the child has told to us before departure, - they consider that contra-indications for a trip at the Sleepyhead are not present. The wife with a daughter will be in hospital. I too will remain in Moscow that them more often to come to see. I will stop at relatives.

How much the Sleepyhead with mum will stay in clinic while it is not known. As to us have told in department of public health services of edge, right now capital physicians will solve, a leah is ready the babe to prosthetics on which so parents insist.

According to the father of the girl, the Sleepyhead already has completely recovered from a whooping cough. The girl develops according to the age - to it four months. She smiles to relatives and even tries to rise on legs.

- We are grateful to all who helps us, supports us, - Victor speaks. - thanks to readers in our family there was a computer. Now it became much easier to us to search for the information on clinics and prosthetics.