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In Krasnodar the chorus Turkish will warm up century. A lavatory

By words hudruka, walls from a tile create excellent acoustics

Ladies of Krasnodar are thrilled with happiness! At last - that they have waited the vociferous favourites. The chorus Turkish will please women of Kuban with the program Music of all times and the people already tomorrow. Tickets have dispersed long before a concert. Even their other-wordly price - to four thousand roubles - has not confused fans.

- For krasnodartsev we prepare especial show, - Evgenie KULMIS, the concert director of chorus and in combination one of its soloists has told to us . - In our execution they will hear all directions of music - from an opera to fate. Spectators who will come on our performance, many surprises expect. They even can sing and dance with us. So let prepare to interaktivu.

Wards Turkish are unpretentious in the desires. We managed to glance in concert rajder known collective.

Tea service from porcelain, sandwiches with the black caviar, six litres of apple, grape and orange juice. For the conductor - a floor - a litre bottle of scotch whisky Chivas Rigal there is it of an order of nine hundred roubles. And here collective to indulge alcohol do not gather. Chanters should be content with fruit, they prefer bananas.

But the most surprising requirement of actors - the spacious, well shined make-up rooms, and is obligatory with the big mirrors and... Toilet rooms!

It appears, wards Turkish very much like to warm up in them.

- Tiled walls create excellent acoustics, - Michael TURKISH has explained a strange wish . - I and itself so do often.

and on a broader scale, singers very much love Krasnodar. Last time they were at us last year. In this arrival if it will be possible, the chorus Turkish with its full complement plans to walk along the street Red after a concert.

- Heard that your city has strongly changed, - they admit. - It would be desirable to see all the eyes.