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Father Lukashenko has arrived with a family on rest to Sochi

all the week long the Belarus head is going to ski in the Red Glade

In a past week-end the Red Glade occupied relatives of Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko. Almost fifty persons among which sons and grandsons of the Father have been noticed, had with all the heart a rest on snow-covered slopes, skiing. On Sunday they by the gross bought up 50 tickets for lifts. In hire equipment nobody took, all have arrived with the. More close also the president - vigorous, fresh by two o`clock was tightened. To its ward a line have properly cleaned. Security guards have gently put the Father on skis, and that, not the reckless driver, has gone. However, it was then dispersed.

- Well as? It is pleasant? - the correspondent has asked it.

- All is excellent! - Lukashenko has frostily responded. - we will be healthy!

, by the way, and as a whole this visit has been devoted Health. On Saturday the Belarus head opened an improving complex in the Red Glade. This branch of the Sochi sanatorium Belarus built on the well-known resort some years. Have taken away to it of two hectares of the earth which as speak, is taken in long-term rent. In complex territory there is a hostel on 30 double rooms, sports and training halls. However, easier so to have a rest here at the inhabitant, say, Krasnodar, it will not turn out. All these conveniences - for Byelorussians.

Opening has turned out noisy, with fireworks, dances, songs.

- All of us have sent to prepare for arrival of the Father directly on March, 8th, - workers of the Sochi sanatorium " speak; Belarus in which Lukashenko earlier stopped. - it was necessary to be in time to opening.

the Father solemnly cut a ribbon, has planted a sapling of an oak and has told:

- We, slavs, should live one family, and in a family, as it is known, the miscellaneous happens. Have a little bit argued, have a little bit squabbled, but have all the same reconciled.

In this house, on hearings, also Alexander Grigorevich will stop during visits to Sochi.

By the way, nearby to the general building in an improving complex there is a small sound house. In it, according to knowing people, there will live the Belarus president during visits to Sochi. Is available nearby and wooden banka.

It is expected that Lukashenkos with a family will have a rest in Sochi till Friday. They already have bought over the weekend tickets for the lift to ski.