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There are no bad breeds, there are bad owners

In number for March, 5th the note " has been published; Four bojtsovyh a dog have attacked the woman . This subject has so excited our readers that they call to the present day in edition to share the opinion.

Elena, the dog lover with the experience:
- I already more than 20 years am engaged in cultivation of dogs. There are no bad breeds, there are bad owners. I for adoption of law at which possession of a dog of office breeds should be equated to fire-arms storage. At me two juzhaka and I know what to beat off from a large dog if it attacks, it is impossible. It is necessary to enter draconian penalties, instead of 1 - 2 minimum wage rates, as now. And it is even better - imprisonment if the owner does not observe a rule of the maintenance and vygula dogs.

Elena, the homemaker:
- the Woman it is a pity. And such owners of dogs need hands pootkusyvat, that their animals run flight without leads and without supervision.

Tatyana, the bookkeeper:
- At me at the breed a dog kane - korso, but even I can not imagine that my dog on somebody will snatch. It does not provoke others and does not show aggressive actions even if it attack. I yet did not meet more adequate, counterbalanced and clever dog. Though, probably, and the careless owner can make the unbalanced stupid monster of such animal.

Egor, the programmer:
- to Caen - korso were initially deduced for gladiatorial fights. They went on the person and killed him, and it is not necessary to argue with it. That has occurred, owners are guilty only. Dogs only a fruit of their rather unsuccessful education!

Alena Vasilevna:
- I live in Krasnodar, on street Garage. Neighbours hold two adult Rottweilers who easy run along the street without muzzles and leads. Five persons of a dog have already bitten - 70 - the summer grandfather is treated till now. These beasts and attacked my child, we hardly had time to run in a court yard. References in militia in what have not resulted - owners of Rottweilers get off with penalties.