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Gosha Kutsenko has fed actors with dead crabs

For a film Mum, do not grieve - 2 from Kamchatka to Black sea have brought 40 arthropods in cost of $7000. And they were lost directly before shootings!

Actor Gosha Kutsenko now superpopuljaren - acts in film hardly probable not in each domestic film. Literally one of these days there was in hire Alexander Strizhenova`s comedy Love - carrots where Gosha and Christina Orbakajte play two spouses who have got a bit tired from each other. Which suddenly... Exchange bodies.

And here in other comedy with participation of Kutsenko - the film which has left in 2005 Mum, do not grieve - 2 - Gosha with anybody did not exchange bodies, but on shootings naterpelsja on the first. Sea scenes acted in film in Gelendzhik. And almost all actors were local - gelendzhikskie searchers and workers of Novorossisk theatre of a name of Amerbekjana.

Crabs tried though as - that to adapt for shootings, lowered in them Kutsenko, but as a result so anything and did not leave.

As one of participants of the project - hudruk theatre Evgenie Kushpel has told to us, on Kuban cinema-men were pursued constantly by troubles. All has begun that from Kamchatka forty huge Far East crabs have decided to deliver to Black sea. Everyone cost 150 dollars plus expenses on transportation - arthropods carried in special tanks with oceanic water - all this pleasure has managed more than in seven thousand dollars. But before the beginning of shootings all forty crabs have died!

- Than them only tried to reanimate - it is useless! - Evgenie Kushpel remembers, - and after all the scene with them was planned as the most beautiful in a picture. Gosha Kutsenko in a diving suit should go down under water and float in an environment of crabs. A glamour! But on it troubles have not ended.

Kutsenko hardly in a faint did not fall, but to dive under water it was necessary more and more.

- Have decided nevertheless a sea scene to remove, let and without arthropods, - Evgenie Leonidovich continues. - All occurred in the high sea on scientifically - a research vessel. The heat stood terrible, is far for 30 degrees, we were exhausted. And Gosha had to put on equipment of the skin-diver and to go down under water. The suit weighed more than ten kilogrammes and did not pass air. From Gosha streams sweat flew, he some times hardly has not fainted, and the director demanded more and more to repeat a double. Kutsenko as fish, greedy swallowed of air, strolled in one cowards on a deck, and then pulled hated equipment and again got into the water. That Gosha nevertheless was not slapped in a faint, to it filled in under a suit ice water. For two days it has dumped some kilogramme!

Actor Andrey PANIN: - At - at - at, Gosha, something you absolutely from a heat have become thin...

Pulling a suit before the next double, Kutsenko, the fan of expensive toys, has noticed that has forgotten to pull out from a pocket heaped up cellular the price about thousand euro. Also has thrown to its operator standing nearby. Yes so has unsuccessfully swung that phone has departed to the sea. The most insulting that shots with the skin-diver on which have spent so much forces and health, have not got to a film. Actors were upset to tears. Kutsenko said that will remember these shootings on all life and more to Kuban - a foot.

- And crabs though also dead, we have eaten, - Evgenie Kushpel tells. - After shootings, at late night. All have terribly got hungry, here Gosha and has declared that a sin them to throw out, it is necessary to weld and use. Kutsenko with the girlfriend who has arrived with it on shootings, have welded crabs. And we have together eaten all of them. Some persons, truth, then with stomachs toiled, but the appetizer has turned out simply royal!