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Sonechku Kulivets survey the Moscow stars

Soon doctors will define, a leah it is possible to make a manual artificial limb to the babe who has become by the invalid

we Will remind, Sonechka Kulivets has lost the right handle as a result of an error of the Krasnodar doctors. On Monday the girl have brought to Moscow in the Russian children`s clinical hospital to solve a question on possible prosthetics. To a family has taken away vrachii separate boxing. For the first time in history RDKB in chamber with the babe have allowed to remain not only mum, but also the father. Flight, contrary to parental expectations, the babe has transferred perfectly.

- Us it has surprised, - father Victor Kulivets tells. - Usually it even in the car rocks to sleep, and here kept the good fellow!

Doctors should spend a consultation and solve, when the girl can do prosthetics. - The next month it will not occur precisely, - the assistant to head physician RDKB Andrey BOLOGOV has explained to us. - Time is required to prepare the girl, and artificial limb manufacturing - process not fast.

That it will be for an artificial limb as often it will change (after all the babe will grow) a leah, at last, can move the girl with new fingers, it becomes known, as soon as results of inspection will be ready. According to the father of the Sleepyhead, there will be it by a weekend.

Both doctors, and parents of the girl are adjusted optimistically, the babe quickly grows and even plays pranks.

- She began to eat well, adds in weight, - the father is proud. - even cheeks naela. It is Even more on me it became similar.

While Sonechka under supervision of mum will prepare for prosthetics, the father will be engaged in legal affairs. To protect interests of a family lawyer Anatoly Kucherena undertook.

to Achieve compensation of material and moral harm the family does not intend yet. According to the father, they will make it, only if expensive medicines and operation further are necessary for the girl.

- We simply want, that doctors were punished, - Victor sighs. - to Make profit of such grief it is impossible.