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Officials have forbidden to attach shop to an apartment house

In number for January, 24th, 2007 we have published the letter Our house is built up with stalls about the Krasnodar high-rise building 25 on the prospectus of Security officers. Near one of entrances businessmen wanted to construct shop. According to tenants, it there was last pjatachok in a court yard, free from buildings. And one of these days we have received the official answer from department of architecture and town-planning of Krasnodar.

In it the director of department Alexander of SMITHS informs that to an apartment house the two-storeyed bookshop is already attached. Now its owners have wanted to make to it an extension. In the Town-planning code of the Russian Federation it is told that granting of the earth located in territory of the general using, in rent for placing of objects of different function physical or to legal bodies by the legislation it is not provided .

in general, city officials have not allowed to make to businessmen an extension. Tenants of house 25 under the prospectus of Security officers can be quiet.