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On street Tihoretsky and in state farm Progress will start up minibuses

New Gazelles will start to go from the Hay market of Krasnodar since April

Now to reach from the centre of Krasnodar street Tihoretsky and in state farm area Progress that beyond Vitaminkombinatom, it becomes easier. In the beginning of April from the Hay market on Tihoretsky the new minibus - 95 will go. And in Progress through street Northern will start up flight 68 which will reach already the second branch SkZnIiSiV. The price for minibuses - 9 - 10 roubles.

- Earlier people had to reach destination with changes, - the director of a municipal government of passenger transport Sergey VERSHILOVSKY has told to us . - We received many letters with requests to start up transport on Tihoretsky and in state farm area Progress directly. Here also have organised these flights.

As us have assured in gorupravlenii passenger transport, to stand for hours at stops to people it is not necessary. On each line will work a minimum on twelve cars, and to go they begin till the late evening.


Where it becomes still easier to reach

the City authorities have solved to throw it is a little Gazelles and on already operating routes - that the people had not to take transport storm. On these flights the quantity of cars will be increased:

  • 75 - JUMR - Red Square - on 2 cars;
  • 3 - Timber enterprise - the item Elizavetinsky - on 2 cars;
  • 58 - Vitaminkombinat - settlement Znamensky - on 7 cars;
  • 38 - JUMR - settlement Russian - on 4 cars;
  • 9 - JUMR - TSKR - on 6 cars;
  • 49 - the Hydrosystem - the Jablonovsky bridge - on 5 cars.