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As krasnodartsam to reach the summer residences

Yesterday has opened sadovo - a garden season, and on fazendy townspeople transport

has started to go Exult, summer residents, your time has come! Since yesterday sadovo - it is possible to consider a garden season opened. By annual tradition since this day buses which will carry fans pokovyrjatsja on beds on their country sites up to November, 15th have started to ply. Ticket cost this year - 6 roubles.

- Country buses go on so-called city routes, - Igor ARTEMYEV, the chief of department of transport of a city administration has explained. - therefore on them all privileges operating in a municipal transportation extend. It concerns also travel cards which krasnodartsy use in city buses.

So all owners of preferential tickets can safely use them and in country buses. Let`s remind, they can be bought in the booths which are at stops of city public transport. By the way, routes 20 habitual for townspeople and 54 have united now in one - 54 - j. And here 59 which should follow on a route of Balneolechebnitsa - gardening fellowship Coast of Kuban will start up only in the heat of a summer season.

the Schedule of buses