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That such an osteoporosis? the Osteoporosis is a metabolic disease of a skeleton which is characterised by decrease in mechanical durability of the bone fabric, leading to high risk of crises.

As often there is an osteoporosis? the Osteoporosis - rather widespread disease, especially among zhenshchie after menopauzy (the terminations menstruatsy). At persons the osteoporosis is more senior 50 years reveal at every third woman and every fifth man.

Why there is an osteoporosis? Frequency of this disease increases with the years. The people conducting an inactive way of life are predisposed to development of an osteoporosis and crises, using in food a little dairy produkov, abusing alcohol, and also smokers. The risk of an osteoporosis is raised at people with low weight of a body (less than 57 kg). Deficiency of vitamin D, reception of some preparations, in particular glucocorticoids, a long confinement to bed Matters. Besides, there is a hereditary predisposition to this disease. The risk of an osteoporosis at women with early (till 45 years) menopauzoj is very high.

In what danger of an osteoporosis? Its danger consists that the person even at the most insignificant trauma can have a crisis which consequences can be very heavy.

As diagnose an osteoporosis? To early diagnostics of an osteoporosis apply densitometriju, allowing to define mineral density of a bone fabric and to foretell risk of development of crisis. Densitometrija it is especially important at early stages of disease, before occurrence of crises. In this case osteoporosis revealing allows to begin preventive maintenance and treatment and to prevent crises, therefore densitometriju often spend to the patients having risk factors of an osteoporosis.

What there are methods of treatment and osteoporosis preventive maintenance? Sufficient consumption of calcium - an important part of preventive maintenance and osteoporosis treatment. It is desirable to use with food quantity of calcium, sufficient for a covering of daily requirement. Milk and dairy products are richest with calcium. For calculation of daily consumption of calcium with food it is possible to use the following formula:

daily consumption of calcium, mg = calcium of dairy products, mg + 350 mg

Simultaneously with calcium preparations is necessary reception of vitamin D which plays an important role in osteoporosis preventive maintenance, improving vsasyvanie calcium in intestines and regulating exchange processes in a bone fabric. Vitamin D is formed in a skin under the influence of a sunlight. Its other important sources - cod-liver oil, fat fish (a herring, a mackerel, a salmon), whole milk, cereals, bread.

However for increase in durability of bones and the prevention of the subsequent crises of reception only these preparations often happens insufficiently, therefore in addition use the medical products normalising exchange processes in a bone fabric: bisfosfonaty, kaltsitonin (Miakaltsik), an estrogen, etc. For the decision of a question on purpose of any of the specified preparations it is necessary to be converted to the doctor.

the Factors specifying in necessity of inspection on an osteoporosis:

the Cores:


Attention! To pass densitometricheskoe research on device DTH - 200
(manufacture of the USA) you can only from March, 5th till April, 30th 2007 g in the Diagnostic centre (street Red the Guerrilla, 6/ 1) from 8 o`clock till 16 o`clock.

Ph. for inquiries: 222 - 70 - 72, 222 - 01 - 67.

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