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Putin has arrived in university by the helicopter

In Krasnodar did not begin to block road, but water

the President and students

Putin as the Batman free of charge distributed to students: never you know, where it will appear during the following moment. Here and yesterday the president has appeared suddenly in capital of Kuban suddenly and for a short while. Only after all was on rest in Sochi, and here to you - already on a student`s ruler at agrarian university. And roads (it is not believed at all!) This time in Krasnodar did not block. Only in the street Northern through every quarter have put GAI officers.

- Putin to us from the sky was, - happy first-year students " joked; selhoza . Its helicopter Mi - 8 at first turned over university territory, and villages then on a glade near a building with pool. Students only have the day before learnt about forthcoming visit of the honoured guest and waited for the president since eight mornings.

And that vuzovtsam it was not boring to while away time, them have solved free of charge popoit mineral water. To tables on which stood vodichka, the big turns were built. As if all thirsted to receive a drink from Putin.

Vladimir Vladimirovich has appeared about 11 hours. Together with Minister of Agriculture Alexey Gordeyev and governor Alexander Tkachevym honoured guests left doors of the main case. Elegant students to whom already had time to distribute tags, exulted with happiness. To see the first person of the state it was possible not to all - as - in any way 18 thousand students at university studies.

Student Dmitry Ljashenko managed to take the autograph at once at two VIP - ov: Putin and Tkacheva.

- Eh, is not a pity, could photograph, - the first-year student with mehfaka to which nevertheless has had the luck to appear near to gross national product complains. - all cellular have taken away from us before a ruler. And have still instructed, that hands not strongly waved - a pier, on a roof snipers, in vain do not provoke...

And here, for example, the student of the fourth year Dmitry Spravtsev has got in tridtsatku elite who could be thrown personally with the president in pair words.

- We only had time to ask: How you have reached? . well - Putin has responded. Has asked us, with what we of faculty. We speak to it: All with different - and even post-graduate students are . Know, it very much was pleasant to us - the present gentleman: girls forward passed.

the President and apples

After the official part has ended, the big officials have gone on excursion. On the first floor to Putin have shown gifts of Kuban: apples, grapes, wine.

- Grapes are better, than in France, - Alexander Tkachev has introduced. Putin, probably, did not doubt it, but students speak, the president especially pleasantly was surprised, when has seen the Kuban cognac. Then gross national product has admired the Kuban apples. Took them, carefully rubbed and brought to the person - to feel aroma.

the President and wheat

Further Vladimir Vladimirovich together with students has participated in experiments with wheat on plant growing stand. When it was necessary to define relative density of wheat, gross national product with humour inherent in it has helped researchers - has cleaned one grain from a cup. For equal weight.

After acquaintance with elements of a science new to Putin all retinue has again gone out of doors. Many students did not know about it and have already gone home. But that remained - and them was much, - have surrounded the president.

- Lift it, - someone has joked in crowd. Putin was indeed lost among tall students.

Protection allowed much. To Putin pressed a hand, submitted a paper for autographs, the most successful had time to be photographed with the first person of the state. Represent, as this photo can be used at examination!

Vladimir Putin has hardly made the way to the bronevichku - to a minibus, has said goodbye and has left in Sochi. And the stunned students guess: what for came? Really simply to congratulate?