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The woman tormented with dogs has died in hospital

More weeks doctors struggled for life 77 - summer Zoe Romanenko, but to rescue it it was not possible Native krasnodarki Zoes Romanenko in shock! They even could not imagine that such terrible fate is prepared their mothers. On

77 - the summer woman four have attacked bojtsovye dogs of breed Italian kane - korso. Have torn off a hand, have disfigured the person. There was a tragedy as already wrote on March, 5th. It is more than week the Kuban doctors struggled for Zoe Ivanovny`s life. But the day before yesterday she, without regaining consciousness, has died. According to physicians of the third city hospital where it was in resuscitation, its status was the heaviest. Complicated a situation and that Zoe Ivanovna has more recently had a stroke.

- Therefore it and on street left once a week, - Belief BEJLAH, the neigbour Zoe Ivanovny speaks. - And here it is necessary, as all has turned out, - just that day and left. Speak, the son of owners of these dogs has not closed a gate to the court yard. Mothers of the house were not, the father strong slept. There was nobody to stop huge dogs...

we have phoned to the mistress of dogs. The woman sobbed violently. As she said, they madly worry, completely recognise fault and are ready to incur any punishment.

Right after states of emergency pravoohraniteli have reflected on filing criminal charges on the given fact. But, as we know, for yesterday of it has not occurred.

- Check is not ended, - Evgenie TJAN, the senior inspector of Office of Public Prosecutor of Karasunsky district of Krasnodar has told to us. - only after it the decision on criminal case excitation will be accepted.

Relatives of the lost are going to bring an action against owners of dogs. But only when public prosecutor`s investigation will be finished.

After an attack Zoe Ivanovna and has not come to consciousness.