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Maxim Galkin has decided to have a rest in Krasnodar

On Sunday of the old friend at the performance Volochkova

The " waits; Most, most the parodist, the singer and the popular TV presenter will bring to Krasnodar on March, 17th.

But the actor goes to us not only to act. It plans to stay at us and all the Sunday long - wants to have a rest, walk on a city and, maybe, even to descend in a museum or theatre. The last, by the way, very much even is possible. Tomorrow, on March, 18th, at the Krasnodar musical theatre ballet Quixote the main party in which is executed by Anastasia Volochkova.

- On a broader scale, Maxim - my good friend, it quite often happens at my performances, - has opened the heart by Anastas`s phone. - it would be quite good to be crossed with it and this time. I after the performance would invite him in any good place, to smoke a hookah.

- to Maxim suggested to remain on Sunday both in Rostov-on-Don, and in Stavropol, but he has chosen our city, - organizers of tours of Galkin have told to us.

By the way, it not a unique surprise which it has prepared for the admirers. The humorist has been so obedient the Krasnodar public during the last performance that specially for kubantsev has thought up a new image. But what the actor before spectators this time - too while secret will appear.

And here in meal Maxim is unpretentious. It is known that he loves fried eggs, pancakes and a cottage cheese baked pudding. For a dinner the actor always prefers easy food - salads from fresh vegetables without mayonnaise. By the way, last time Maxim has reserved in Krasnodar for a breakfast fried eggs, but owners of restaurant have been urged to refuse to it - on Kuban the bird flu raged.

- I would not refuse to accept tomorrow a bouquet and from Maxim.

In rajdere Galkin there is still such point - neither in number, nor in an alcohol make-up room should not be, the actor does not drink alcohol. The parodist affords a glass of dry wine occasionally. And here from svezhevyzhatogo orange juice never refuses.

Galkin and to a car on which moves on a city Is undemanding. Long slow limousines does not favour at all. To it to liking simple Mercedes . And any militian support it is not necessary for it, especially with bus of security guards - it the guy idle time.

And here to remove on the chamber performance of the humorist strictly - strictly it is forbidden. Though to photograph to you it nevertheless will resolve, only without flash.

As well as it is necessary to the professional, Galkin gives special attention at a concert to a sound - it should be ideal.

And after performance, as a rule, Maxim likes to work in a gym, to swim for a while in pool or poparitsja in a sauna. This point also makes a reservation in rajdere.

And more one small wish of the actor - it near at hand always should have a personal hairdresser. To cope with the ringlets it is independent Maxim cannot.

the Concert will take place in TSKZ on Red, 5 in 19. 00, tickets stand from 800 to 1000 roubles.