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Quay on bones in Anapa will not be

In number for February, 28th, 2007 we have published the letter On a place anapskogo cemeteries want to construct quay? . Anapchane informed us that on an old city cemetery around High coast tombs and gravestones are going to take down and to arrange on burial places quay.

Yesterday to us the official answer from administration of Anapa has come. In it mayor Anatoly PAHOMOV informs that quay on bones will not be. On an edge of High coast which is protected by nothing, all time people go, often fall and perish. Therefore the administration of Anapa has suggested to make the safe two-metre fenced pass. 120 tombs get to this zone. It is more than half from them neuhozheny also are thrown.

Now, - it is told in the letter, - there is a public opinion studying, the special reception is created, pass descents of citizens with participation of ecclesiastics. Under the offer of relatives the question on carrying over at the expense of municipality of the tombs getting to the considered zone, on a new operating cemetery " is openly discussed;. The mayor of Anapa has promised to our readers that if families of the people buried on this cemetery refuse carrying over of tombs, the subject will be closed.