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Punish careless zapravshchikov!

together with regional administration begins the new action

the Incomplete filling and poor-quality fuel at the gas station - problems which the Krasnodar drivers face constantly. Now our readers had a possibility to punish owners of stations where tried them to throw .

- All in a city of 150 stations on which fill with gasoline and gas, - was told to us by the head of department of trade and service of vehicles of regional department of consumer sphere Vadim YEROKHIN . - to Find the gas station or AGZS which would meet all requirements, very hard. Infringements are almost everywhere.

the Most popular ways of a deceit of the Krasnodar drivers is an incomplete filling and poor quality of fuel. And at the small companies of infringement meet more often.

- Than stuff stomachs Our cars on refuellings, it is necessary to be surprised only, - the chief specialist of regional department of consumer sphere Vladimir of the ROADWAY has told to us . - And with an incomplete filling at times on a broader scale reaches to the point of irrationality. For example, the driver asks to fill in a full tank, the counter on a column dokruchivaet to a mark of 55 litres though the tank is calculated all on 50! Where five were located more, not clearly.

Readers once have already punished zapravshchikov. After to edition has come SMS - the message on infringements at the gas station TTK that on Dzerzhinsky, 64, its owner have fined. Now we begin the new action - Punish careless zapravshchikov .

If to you have poured in too little fuel or you have other claims to gas station work, send in edition SMS - the message on number +7 - 918 - 177 - 7 - 177.

Or write on an electronic box vladimir@kpkuban. net

We will necessarily pass your complaint in regional department of consumer sphere. And there will take measures - will punish careless zapravshchikov.


in work of the gas station and AGZS kubantsy can inform On infringements and by these phones:

    (861 259 - 12 - 18 - regional department of consumer sphere.
    (861 227 - 04 - 19 - the Krasnodar department of state supervision of JUMTU Rostehregulirovanija.
    (861 259 - 36 - 86 - regional management of Rospotrebnadzora.