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Joseph PRIGOZHIN on tours in Krasnodare:Valerija will not leave from me to Pimanovu!

But one more producer at the singer nevertheless will appear

Hearings that between Valeriej and her husband and producer Joseph Prigozhin the black cat has run, the second week excite the country. Said that the singer has decided to leave to Alexey Pimanovu after record a sound - a track to its film Three days in Odessa . - Kuban already wrote that organizers of a concert Valerys in Krasnodar before its tours at all did not know on whom it to reserve hotel accommodations. In the list of requirements appeared that she will live with Prigozhin, but till last moment it was not clear, a leah will arrive it to Kuban.

Nevertheless star pair has arrived to Krasnodar together - happy and enamoured. In hostel they have lodged in one number. Also did not leave almost. However, during performance of the wife Joseph has managed to be lost behind concert hall side scenes on Red, 5. Zaplutav in corridors of the second floor, Prigozhin began to keep ringing on the cellular.

- Where I? - The eminent producer questioned in a tube. - deduce me from here!

When Valerys have returned the husband for side scenes, he constantly looked out from - for them on a scene - checked, a leah all is normal with his wife.

History with leaving to Pimanovu Valery refused to make comments. But before execution of that a sound - a track, from - for which the sensation has burst, she has declared from a scene:

- It is rumored that at me any relations with Pimanovym. And so - all it`s not true!

After a concert we have talked on this subject and to Joseph Prigozhin:

- No dissonance at us is present. We are very happy and we are not going to leave, - the husband Valerys has pathetically informed us. - And on a broader scale, it never begins to exchange private life for career. And if will leave from me it is exact not to the producer. However, now she really writes down an album with the new producer. But we while keep his name a secret. Also it is our general idea. And we are familiar with Pimanovym for a long time, we are on friendly terms families. On work with Alexey were crossed, only when wrote down a sound - a track to its film. Any powers on it I am not going to shift. I all as remain the manager, the main producer and the loving husband Valerys.