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Signalmen will pay for phone kubantsy on 30 roubles more

In the early autumn have given inhabitants of Kuban unpleasant enough surprise, having lifted a monthly fee for phone on 20 %. If one month ago to an average family phone managed in 160 roubles since September, 1st it is necessary to spread all 190. Peasants will pay 170 roubles.

- Raising a monthly fee for phone, we try to cover constantly growing expenses for communication improvement, - the assistant to the general director on development of business of the company " has told; JUTK Denis Kondrakov. - The mite in growth of tariffs brings and progressing inflation.

it is interesting that from all inhabitants of a southern part of Russia it is most for local telecommunication will pay kubantsy. Though tariffs have raised in all south.

decrease in tariffs for long-distance negotiations became Certain indemnification for a rise in price of services of local communication. Now inhabitants of Krasnodar territory will pay on 4 % less. By the way, the following growth of tariffs is expected not earlier than September of the next year.