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New banners for army of Russia sew in Kropotkine

Kuban umeltsy should give out by 2010 more than 2500 fighting banners

In the Russian army old - that banners were worn out for a long time already. As - that also the inscription " ridiculously looked; For our Soviet Native land! - the country of Advice has sunk into oblivion for a long time. And here now them at last have decided to replace with the new. And to sew banners have entrusted the Kuban masters from Kropotkina!

- the Question on replacement was exaggerated years 15, - Sergey BABENKO, the general director of the enterprise " has told to us; Simvol where make banners. - but all as - that did not develop. And here in December of last year the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed about it the corresponding Decree. To tell the truth, we have been assured that this honourable mission will entrust us. So happens that some years ago I have met the assistant to the commandant of military garrison of Moscow Igor Gromovym. We were at meeting in the Ministry of Defence, it enters and has control over such old banner. I to it supposedly give we to you new we will make. Also have made, work as the military man has pleased.

- But to tell, of course, all is simple, and here to make... We altered one staffs five times. They after all should be superstrong, - Sergey Gennadevich laughs. - And already after that to us orders from the Minister of Defence began to arrive. And here now we need to make over two and a half thousand new banners by 2010.

By the way, the summit G8 in St.-Petersburg served ours kropotkinskie umeltsy. And shtandart Vladimir Putin who costs in an office of the president, - too their hands business.

- When Boris Yeltsin has died, 90 flags have asked to sew us, - has told Babenko. - it was necessary to work all night long adequately to wait a funeral of the first president of Russia.


the Old banner with an inscription For our Soviet Native land! was red colour, on a new white banner in the size 130130 the Georgievsky cross is represented. Do banners on new technology: znamennyj faj have replaced with wet silk, a staff have made as much as possible compact.