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Stoppers in the street Northern should be suffered till October

From - for repair on Seleznev krasnodartsy every day stand in kilometre jams

From the past Wednesday in the street Northern krajtsentra the full madhouse is created. Chains of cars is melancholy stand idle in kilometre stoppers and dream about impossible - as though to slip this site of road somewhat quicker. There always was not to force the way, but now it to make doubly more difficultly. Street - that Seleznev have definitively blocked. And, most likely, for a long time: by words dorozhnikov - at least till October.

And so it is possible to go round a stopper, without going out of town. On it will leave 40 - 45 minutes.

- Works in this area go for a long time, therefore and movement there was forbidden, but drivers that is called, slipped under a sign, - the senior inspector on propagation of traffic police of Krasnodar Marina KROTOVA speaks . - And now street have dug over, variants at them any. Here all transport stream also has rushed on Ural. From here and stoppers.

- Two hours pined in a stuffy trolley bus! - has complained krasnodarka Anna Trofimova. - At someone pressure has jumped up, one woman even in a faint has fallen. Really it is impossible to unload road?

- Now we prosecute this subjects, - has reported the deputy chief of traffic police of a city Boris SUHOV. - By Monday something we will solve.

Why repair so is tightened? All business in ground waters which here pass very highly. Builders should do the special two-metre base under asphalt. Then here will lay livnevku and twice - to 18 metres - will expand proezzhuju a part.

But do not despair! Together with city traffic police have found - taki a little lazeechek, on which it is possible to go round a problem zone (look a map. - a comment red. ). Certainly, the distance should be overcome impressive, but skilled drivers assert that you unequivocally will save time. And for gasoline will spend approximately as much as though stood in a stopper.