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Renat Janbaev leaves from Kuban ?

It is said that one of the best players of club has already written the letter of resignation

Before the termination of the first circle of the championship remains about one month. Then will open a transfer window - time of migration of football players. Clubs will begin to alloy unnecessary players and to fill up the structure with more perspective shots. In Kuban while keep mum about the future castlings. Though murder will out. One of these days in a press there was an information, povergshaja in a little shock of all Krasnodar fans. Ostensibly the club leaves Renat Janbaev!

Renat has come to our command together with its former steering Paul Jakovenko. For a year the football player has managed to win reputation of one of the best young players of Russia. And what to speak about the Krasnodar fans whom Janbaeva from game is simple in delight. But recently the football player appeared in the field all less often.

As - that already new trainer Leonid Nazarenko admitted that it is not left by sensation as if on Renata someone presses also he can leave.

- All these conversations are premature, - considers a press - the attache Kuban Vyacheslav IVANOV. - the Head coach does not delete the player from plans.

- it is forbidden to Kuban club to register new players until they will not settle a question with monetary compensation of Janbaeva, - the prime minister - league has dumbfounded us in Russian football.

At us this point at issue promise to settle already in the near future. Here then problems with replenishment for Kuban will not be.

the Attacking Robert Zebeljan: - Now I in Kuban - in the uncomfortable position.

it is possible, in July the question on Alexander Danishevsky, Robert Zebeljana, Valentine Okorochkova, George Dzhioeva and Igor Strelkova`s sale will be solved. However, Leonid Nazarenko more than once said that all these children have a chance to prove that they are ready to play a starting lineup. Well, we will look, a leah will turn out it at sportsmen for so short term.

By the way, the perfect chance will be presented to football players this Sunday, on June, 17th. To Krasnodar comes Moscow the Dynamo at which, as well as at Kuban after twelve played matches in a coin box of 16 typed points. So fans can count on not dull show. Tickets in cash desks still are, their price on - former from 50 to 250 roubles. Game will begin in 20. 30. A match promise to show on the popular channel Sports instead of on satellite paid television as it was earlier. A leah


It is necessary to get rid of old residents of the command?

Evgenie DARIENKO, the security guard, with our club of 10 years:
- I Will result two arguments in favour of deduction of these players. In - the first, it is senseless to hold them on a bench and to pay in it for it huge money. Kuban - not Chelsea and superfluous means precisely will not prevent club. In - the second, practically all from the listed football players are not ideal. I go on games of duplicating structures and, to admit, did not see class game in their execution. Children leave number. What for it is necessary for us?

Denis ROMANOV, the student, supports Kuban 7 years:
- Now it is simply senseless to throw out from structure of these players. Especially Danishevsky, Janbaeva and Strelkova. Yes, maybe, they at present and not in shape, but these children very much and very perspective. And here will see, if these football players leave from Kuban very soon we will hear about their successes in game for other clubs. We will bite elbows then.

And At this time

to Germans in Krasnodar shines nothing

In a shelf Kuban hardly has not arrived! To us have welcomed two attacking of Germany - to be tried on vacant places. Speak, they it is far not stars and even play the lowest leagues of the German championship. It havbek Victor Goering from club already the fourth German battalion Mannheim and Felix Luts who in fifteen matches for club of the second local battalion has hammered in only two goals for the Augsburg !

- They at all did not accept participation in a bilaterial match of the command. About any their viewing and speech was not. Consider, children simply came on a visit, - has calmed a press - the attache of club Vyacheslav IVANS. - And now they already have left home.