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Scooters from beaches need to be cleaned as it is possible further

In number for last Friday in article Half of Kuban beaches are not ready to a season we have told that far not in all zones of rest it is possible to bathe - the bottom here is not checked up by divers. Today we publish responses of our readers.

Vladimir CHERMNOJ, the employee, Krasnodar:
- On days off had a rest in Anapa. A beach in very quite good status. Stubs in sand became less. Before them was more than sand. Everywhere locker rooms, souls... Has been pleasantly surprised.

Vera Vasilevna, mother of two children, Korenovsk:
- How much it is possible to suffer scooters! We go to have a rest in silence and rest, instead of to be crippled and breathe gasoline! Already how much people were lost and has suffered from - for these cars, and them cannot clean from beaches in any way. For ekstremalov the special zone should be created - as it is possible further from bathing places. And the distance in 50 or 250 metres from points of hire and sailing charter parking is a little. So swimmers from water motorcycles not to protect.

Timur AHMETOV, the businessman, Krasnodar:
- Alas, the coast turns to continuous concrete building - kletushka on kletushke. For example, in the same Lazarevsky that is created... And how architecture, an aesthetics? We deprive appeal resorts.

Ilya TUGARSKY, the student, Anapa:
- If owners cannot survey a bottom exhausting in advance and to take care of rescuers, and square metre of a beach it is impossible to trust them. There and then life of people on a map costs. How it is possible to concern the duties carelessly?