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Chetveroklashka Andrey Hlopin has got to the book of records ginnessa

the Child prodigy has solved a riddle silvery clouds over which scientists fought 150 years

Andrjushe Hlopinu of all - those 10 years! And it already the second time was lighted in the Guinness Book of Records. There lives bestowal on hutorke Bejsuzhek - 2. To it was three years (!) When he has developed the first scientific hypotheses. By this time the kid already well read. And all has begun that he has dug out in rural library the book Mars .

- you will not believe, but in 1957 I too have read the same book! - the father of the boy, Andrey Andreevich admits. - And from hundreds books the son has found it. I have understood, to be to Andryushka the astronomer!

And after all has not deceived the father a scent. Since then his son simply ate the literature about the Universe. And last year the boy has gone on the regional competition devoted to Day of astronautics. When it has given out the hypothesis about an origin of a belt of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter, the jury so was impressed that to the madcap have awarded the first place. Then on the All-Russia Olympic Games Mia maid - 2007 the little boy has protected the second hypothesis.

- I have phoned to the Russian committee on check in of records of a planet, - Andrey Andreevich continues. - all works of the son have asked to give Me. And have then given out the diploma of the Guinness Book of Records as to the most young author of a scientific hypothesis in the world.

And recently the boy became the champion the second time - as the youngest author already three hypotheses. In last Andrey has explained an origin so-called silvery clouds . They are shone at night. Scientists struggled with this phenomenon of 150 years! Our child prodigy has guessed that, cloud time is at height 70 - 90 km from the Earth, all moisture turns to ice crystals. They also reflect light.

- the Son differs nothing from coevals! - the father of the genius laughs. - the joker still that. The two for behaviour receives.

On what Andrjusha adds:

- you only do not think, I at all botanik ! I the normal boy.

Now parents of the known astronomer dream to present to the son a telescope. Postpone for it on kopeck. And Andrey while studies galaxies with the sea field-glass.