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Novorossisk seamen were let out FROM NIGERIAN PLENASudebnyh sessions by them now will wait in the Russian trade mission

History of Novorossisk captives has begun in 2003. In October the Nigerian authorities have arrested Afrikan prajd - the tanker of the Greek company with hired Russian crew. Our fellow countrymen have accused of illicit transportation of crude oil under that pretext that there was no necessary documentation on cargo. All this time kubantsy were in prison. - I literally just talked to Nigeria, - Lyudmila Grigorevna Kravchenko, mum of one of seamen has informed us. - have told that are in court, finish registration of last documents. We wait for a call about clearing any minute.
some days ago the lawyer and the goodwill ambassador of UNESCO Ara Abramjan has taken off for the far African country.
- to achieve time clearing of seamen, - he has specified by phone past Friday, - it was necessary to do all necessary guarantees anew. There now constantly there is our new lawyer which work has appeared very productive and effective. The decision on clearing is accepted. On Monday them will release.
predictably after all formalities will be finished, with all documents the Russian delegation will go for seamen to prison.
initially them should were release in the middle of August, however from - for red tape clearing should be postponed. As a result novorossijtsy have stayed in prison even a month. Almost all this time in Lagos were and some Novorossisk women - wives and mothers of captives. They cooked food for seamen, carried it in prison. But more recently the visa has ended, and women had to return home. Now they in Novorossisk and collect again documents to leave to Nigeria.
judicial hearings on the case of oil contraband of which accuse our fellow countrymen, already were many times transferred from - for unbounded appeals from charge. Under the preliminary information, the next session is planned for October, 21st.

Novorossisk seamen with the relatives after one of judicial sessions. A photo from a site forum. sosrussia. com