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Red Ivanushka will stop to sing for the sake of the Olympic Games in Sochi?

Andrey Grigoriev - Apollos becomes the producer of megafestival

in two weeks, on July, 4th, in far Guatemala the strict commission the IOC declares, who will receive the winter Olympic Games in 2014. Sochi seriously applies for a rank of capital of Games as almost half of countries have already declared the sympathies for our resort.
it is necessary to wait absolutely not for long, and Sochi before elections will walk and have fun last days with might and main. To the main things massovikom - the inventor, and in combination and the producer on a feast becomes red Ivanushka - Andrey Grigoriev - Apollos. It will preside in competition jury Ms. of Sochi - 2007 . Say that for the sake of it the singer has for a while thrown a platform. Really it will cancel even annual summer ches on coast when all other stars will gain the big money on having a rest?
- the Idea of festival in support of the Olympic Games in heads of my friends and partners was born for a long time already, - Andrey " has told; by phone. - in application committee us have supported. Now about it there is a brisk discussion. I think, within the next few days it will be possible to settle all moments.
but on me there are other fish in the sea, I will be only one of organizers. Too scale action - to one not to pull. Action will be stretched for some days: on first of June there will be a beautiful opening and a concert, the second Ilya Averbuh with the ice show will act. The third to Sochi there will arrive the Tibetan friars from a monastery a Shaolin, will show the skill, and at the same time will support Sochi from all country. Well and the fourth on a city main square will pass grandiose gala - a concert (the detailed program of festival will necessarily publish next week. - a comment red.) .
- And who in it will act?
- already precisely I know that we and group Factory . We carry on negotiations with groups Tokyo and Roots . On a broader scale, on my idea, the concert should become a youth feast, a party place. By and large, the Olympic Games are after all sports young.
- has passed hearing, what you have thrown career from - for absence of time?
- not absolutely so. Time really catastrophically does not suffice. It is necessary to be broken off, as they say.
- and why to you have entrusted to be a producer of festival?
- I the person of a city, the radical inhabitant of Sochi, to whom how not me, to trust?
- and - that for a long time in a native city were?
- on a broader scale - that two weeks ago. And, to admit, was delighted. The city became purer, more beautiful, it simply not to learn. I represent, as Sochi if to him will entrust the right to become the capital of the Olympic games will get prettier.