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On Kuban two film studios

will raise the stars

In vicinities of Anapa and Novorossisk planirujutotkryt at once Stars of cinema and so constantly arrive to work to Kuban. The same Novorossisk was chosen by such abrupt celebrities, as Alexander Domogarov, Gosha Kutsenko, Konstantin Habensky, Michael Porechenkov. And with the advent of a film studio, seemingly, to us from stars on a broader scale pass will not be. And them on Kuban will appear at once two: recently Russian company RWS declared building of a studio complex near to Anapa. The project will pull approximately on 100 million dollars. And one of these days other film studio, Solar has bought 70 hectares of the earth near Novorossisk. Building of this film complex will manage in 35 million dollars. It is less, of course, but too impresses.

What for Kuban at once two Hollywood moreover so the close friend from the friend? Sharks of film business are assured that game costs svech. The matter is that the Russian cinema-men suffer affliction for a long time already from shortage of places for shootings.

- Yalta and Odessa film studios are hammered by orders to the full, it is not enough their capacities, - the general director of the company " speaks; the Film project Alexander the RUBY. - besides in Odessa and to Crimea to work very hard - there are problems with an infrastructure and quality of service. And Anapa and Novorossisk approach ideally. A climate excellent, the nature picturesque.

- About - about! We wait we will not wait, when we will have the Hollywood - has told to us serial actor Evgenie KUSHPEL from Novorossisk ( Returning Turkish Mum, do not grieve ) . - At us many local actors act in film in episodes, and in leading roles, in those projects which to us bring. And now there is a chance to translate this work on constant rails. For many the road to the big cinema will open.

- Near Novorossisk - a film studio?! Very interesting, - through noise of equipment and intonements the Motor! director Nikita MIKHALKOV working over continuation " has cried out to us by phone; Tired with the sun . - I am now very occupied, but as soon as I will finish the project, I will necessarily find out, when it will be possible to go to remove on Kuban.

On idea, directors and actors will be pulled to us next year. In 2008 - the m is planned to start a part of pavilions, and building in 2009 - m.

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