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Street Russian will expand twice

But about new year on a site from 40 years of Victory to Solar krasnodartsam it is necessary to be content with one strip

motorists had not time to reconcile to thought on stoppers in the street Northern (from - for works on Seleznev jams here should be suffered till October) as new repair has begun. And in the street Russian, which in rush hours too costs regularly. Till the end of the year it is from street of 40 years of Victory to Solar - will expand to four strips. Promise that works here will messages and day and night.

- Reconstruction will not mention garages in the beginning Russian and apartment houses, - director MU " has assured us; Service of the customer Alexander the EARRING, - to us only is necessary to move warehouses, shops, car repair shops which were under construction illegally. Now they will appear are as much as possible approached to proezzhej parts.

Certainly to expand probochnuju Russian for a long time it is time. On four strips after the termination of works will drive easier. But until then it is necessary to drivers is unsweetened - from two strips which are available now on this site, it have left only one. The traffic - both passenger is However, definitive, and automobile - here have not forbidden. But to private traders suggest to go round a site on streets Moscow and 1 - go May.

- And so here for 20 minutes we stand, and now stoppers becomes even more, - the Krasnodar driver Dmitry of GOATS is assured, - on roundabout will not force the way. At the corner of streets 1 - go May and 40 years of Victory and on a crossroads Moscow and Zipovsky at the markets constantly throw cars. As a result from two strips one - is partitioned off. And for street 1 - go May - a parking and departure from Regional hospital, final stops of minibuses, trolley buses and buses. All is life to us will complicate thoroughly. However, the situation can be facilitated: If GAI forbids a parking at the markets and will be regular to clean therefrom transport of infringers.

By the way, in 2008 of work on expansion of street Russian will continue - on a site from Solar to the Rostov Highway.