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Anapa this year all in colours and palm trees

- In Jablonovke refrigerators flow - have disconnected an electricity. Here that to us now to do?
hot hlopets
- Leningrad PATP during a resort season on a village Dolzhansky starts up the bus Pazik . In it it is not enough places. We hardly was did not remain in Yeysk for two days. And it was not included into our plans.
health-resort visitors
- Anapa this year all in colours and palm trees. Simply beauty, more than ever!
- In Krasnodar in square with an elephant have landed young trees. But long there were no rains, and nobody watered them. As a result all were lost! There is a landing service, but there is no watering service. With our heat, can, it is time to get?
- life of the spouse Is heavy! For a month of holiday of the house has not had time to read any book. Only you will be arranged on a sofa - the wife and children will necessarily find to you employment.
Andrey K
- Let`s the second time celebrate instead of Day of the commando Day of the physician. Doctors of a muzzle beat to nobody, in fountains do not bathe, in parks not huliganjat. Beauty!
the medical sister