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the Street 1 - go needs to be made May bilateral

In number for June, 18th we have published a note Street Russian will expand twice . Speech in it went about reconstruction of one of most probochnyh sites of Krasnodar. Here that readers " think about it;/> Elena GORSTJUK, the engineer:
- Really it was impossible to start to do repair in the spring? Then already half-affairs it would be made. And now - a heat, a dust, a stench, noise. And so always - that asphalt at us put in the scorching heat so at townspeople the footwear spoils roads repair during a resort season.
Dmitry MOTSAK, the motorist:
- Transport officials suggest us to go round a repaired site of road along the street Moscow. But there and without that stoppers sufficed. From - for movements of trams of the car on a broader scale stand constantly.
Alexander Vasilevich, the driver:
- On me so would prolong street 1 - go May to Ippodromnoj is better and have made its bilateral. It at once would solve many problems and has relieved though any part of a city of stoppers.
Vladimir MORGAN, the manager:
- That at us for people? At first broke administration phones, demanded repair of roads, and now call in newspapers to complain of inconveniences. Stoppers were, is and, if not to make reconstruction and not to expand street, remain. For the sake of free roads it is necessary to suffer a little now.
Nikolay Ivanovich:
- I for repair, only do not understand, why it cannot be done at night - as in all civilised countries? Then life of motorists would become more comfortable, and life of the authorities - quiet.