Rus News Journal

On street Collective-farm varvarski cut off 40 - summer chestnuts!

- on street Collective-farm varvarski cut off 40 - summer chestnuts! Establish the next publicity board. How much it is possible?!
- the Drunk yard keeper in settlement Loris on street Garden, 32 has thrown two puppies in the garbage pressing car. It already the second case of fleecing from its party. And the management says that it very good yard keeper, and on its sadistic tricks closes eyes.
the indignant inhabitants
- to Poor collective farmers have allocated a place for trade from the earth in a circus court yard, and their lawful place was occupied with home appliances in the covered market. Where the authorities look?
- Leonid Nazarenko, do not despond, all happens! We believe in you and the command.
the realist
- Anapa - a perfect resort! Beautiful streets, parks, but an oceanarium located near attractions, is a shame! I recommend to the town governor to visit and most of it to be convinced.
having a rest
- Has offended the good person... A bear, do not take offence at me. Allow to live in peace and friendship!
the girlfriend
- on June, 20th the driver of tram 20 (number 232) has three times closed doors directly before a nose of passengers hurrying to it. Really from - for five seconds it is necessary so to humiliate people?
the passenger
- At the big shop advertise alcohol and allow to try. The huge turn from interested persons 13 - has gathered 17 years! Where the shop management, militia looks?
the passer-by