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Now it is done by electricians

Still more recently in city centre during the most improper time, in rush hour, continually were cut down traffic lights. Absence of money for repair was the main reason of constant failures in their work. But now all like was adjusted. The administration regularly allocates means regional specialised montazhno - to operational establishment (SMEU) which is engaged in repairing trehglazyh . Now idle traffic lights can be counted on fingers, and all of them on conscience of electricians.

today in Krasnodar will disconnect six traffic lights.

In areas of crossroads:

- the Gray hair - Budyonny - from 9 o`clock till 17 o`clock,

- Northern - Lomonosov - from 13 o`clock till 17 o`clock,

- Dzerzhinsky - Stakhanov - from 9 o`clock till 13 o`clock,

- Old Kuban - avenue Brick - from 8 o`clock till 17 o`clock. Here, as to us have told in Krasnodarelektro there will be planned works: Scrap of branches and repair of substations. And here a crossroads the Gray hair - Budyonny will disconnect from - that here pull a new trolleybus route which promise to open to the City Day. We will in detail tell about it in the nearest numbers. To Frunze - Budyonny today repair the broken traffic light. When he will earn, repairmen do not know, so we advise meanwhile to go round these crossroads if do not want to get to a stopper and to be late for work. vvv@kpkuban. net