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Fire-dangerous buildings in Krasnodar - more than 150!

In the black list the Ministries of Emergency Measures have got schools, high schools and even a registry office

Is sad, but the fact: fire-dangerous buildings in krajtsentre does not become less. Even to the contrary, their number all time increases. Still more recently we told about several tens problem houses. And already today this figure has grown to 157! Who only has not got in these black lists - schools, branches of high schools, sport centres and even registry offices.
- as show checks, problems on these objects are very similar, - Vitaly DAVYDENKO fulfilling duties of the assistant of the state inspector of Krasnodar on pozhnadzoru has told to us. - We have sent materials in court to suspend activity in these buildings. We involve guilty in administrative responsibility.
firemen of the inspector find what infringements more often:
- premises are not equipped with system of the notification of people about a fire, or it is in a non-working status;
- there are primary fire extinguishing means, for example, no quite accessible fire extinguishers;
- at furnish of walls materials which at a fire strongly smoke are frequently used;
- on floors there are no second emergency exits and if is, they are filled up by stuff or locked, instead of on a bolt;
- at windows - deaf lattices.
we have called in one of the schools which have got in the black list pozhnadzora.
- Yes, to us took out writs, but we practically have corrected all, - Marina TROFIMENKO responsible for a labour safety Krasnodar SSH 34 has told to us. - Now we do not have only fire alarm system and notification system. But here we can do nothing. It is necessary about one million roubles, in March of next year the city administration promised to allocate them under the target program.
- this Program works, - the chief specialist of management of education goradministratsii Alexander KULAGIN has calmed us. - on it for five years of school of Krasnodar should equip with all necessary for security of children. Last year for these purposes have already allocated the considerable sum - 160 million roubles!
to learn, when the turn will reach you, it is possible at the director of your school. According to the Ministry of Emergency Measures, already 80 percent of all educational institutions are supplied by the fire alarm system and all of 100 % - fire extinguishers.


Whom have written down during last checks:
- the REGISTRY OFFICE of Prikubansky district, Gagarin`s street, 212;
- Federal Agency of supervision in sphere of protection of the rights of consumers and well-being, street Rashpilevsky, 100;
- Institute of Rossinsky, 2 - j Stasov`s journey, 48;
- the Gerontologichesky centre Ekaterinodar (a building of university of culture on Red, 18);
- branch of Rostov university SKZHD, street of Brothers of Drozdovyh, 30;
- comprehensive school 34, street Cossack, 18;
- sport centre the Olympus street Coastal, 144.
Where kubantsam it is possible to complain, if at the enterprise or at school do not care of fire security:
phone a hot line (861 268 - 64 - 40.