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Kazachenko simply it was advertised for nothing!

in number - Kuban from June, 15th we have published a note Kazachenko has quarrelled with Freestyle from - for a concert in Krasnodar . Today we publish responses to this article. Nina Kirso, the soloist and soprodjuser groups Freestyle :
- All rights to a song to Painfully me, it is sick belong to group Freestyle instead of to Vadim Kazachenko. In a commercial program shootings " are used; the Disco of the USSR 2006. On a scene - already new soloists. And disturbing calls from our former colleague... It even is ridiculous. Vadim within 17 years uses the property of our collective, without having on it any rights. And more after that calls and in something us reproaches?.
Margarita Semenova, the bookkeeper, Krasnodar:
- And we so waited for Vadim this time. It is a pity that it will not arrive. The poor boy, it so well sings, and to it do not allow to act.
Dmitry, the driver of a tram, Krasnodar:
- Kazachenko was simply free of charge advertised. The good fellow the muzhik, has saved money. It after all already also not remembered by anybody, and here such sensation has risen. Kazachenko - that, Kazachenko - se. Has paved the way to the concert in good time.